2d skybox problem

me again.

i am creating my first map with a 2d skybox. i have followed tutorials exactly and even tried it in different map sizes but keep encountering the same problem. no matter what sky i have in the 2d skybox, the sky is not there. it just does that black screen reflecting thing as you move around. the rest of the map is fine but the 2d skybox error is really getting in the way of the map progress. i have tried using light_environment but that made no difference.

how do i overcome this?


not sure what it was but it works fine now. thanks for helping anyway.

Are you using the tools/toolsskybox texture?

You dont need to start a new thread. You could have simply asked in your first one.

Allright nevermind. You need to ensure following things.

  • If you create your map and you add your 2D skybox it must be sealed.
  • The 2D Skybox must have the tools/toolsskybox texture applied to all sides in order to work correctly
  • Add a light_environment (somewhere) INSIDE your map

I guess you just directly applied the skybox textures on your brushes but you need to texture it with the toolsskybox texture to get a proper 2D skybox.

wow dude you must be a pretty experienced map maker. i saw your recent map in the thread you posted. its really well lit. also thanks, it worked again :smiley:

thanks dude youre awesome!

Im glad that it solved your problems.