2d Tables

Now i understand tables are something like arrays but see with an array I can make a 2d array and add data like

array[0,0] = "player1"
array[0,1] = 10.0
array[1,0] = "player2"
array[1,1] = 5.0
array[1,0] = "player3"
 array[1,1] = 7.0

this makes things much easier for swapping around entry’s in other languages such as.

for j:=0 to array.length do
    for i:=0 to array.length-1 do
        if (array[i,1] < array[i+1,1])then
            temp = array[i+1]
            array[i+1] = array*
            array* = temp

what is the best and easy way to do this for i want to keep 4 or 5 numbers and strings in one table for each person.

[lua]MyTable = {}
table.Insert( MyTable, {“player1”, 10} )

print(MyTable[1][1], MyTable[1][2])

MyTable[2] = {}
MyTable[2][1] = “player2”
MyTable[2][2] = 5

print(MyTable[2][1], MyTable[2][2])

But it depends what you want to use it for, if it’s for keeping data about a player for the while he’s on the server then you should just be using the player’s table (since in lua everything is a table).

So assuming ply is a player you could easilly do ply.MyNumber = 10 or ply.MyTable = {}

If this is for keeping data even when the player is offline you should be indexing it by SteamID instead of an arbitrary number.