2D3D door text


I’ve been looking at some servers and noticed an attractive text that looks good.

I have some screenshots of the text and was wondering if anyone knows where I can get it from or learn how to code it.

Unowned: http://s13.postimage.org/bgp90im7n/unowned.jpg

Owned: http://s13.postimage.org/8lc5tni7n/owned.jpg (I think he’s tired of selling…)

Having this would be great and help me a great deal.


I am in the same boat, i desperately want a 2d3d guide/ tut.
Maybe someone can make a Tut on the wiki.

i would also like this.

if anyone has found a way of this please send me some code. will pay if really needed…

You all should probably just experiment a bit more and actually look at the wiki article on the matter, 3d2d stuff isn’t that unattainably hard.

Help for related topic that might be causing your confusion with 3d2d:



In addition to what wizardsbane posted, heres a mostly finished tutorial if you still need some help.

Doing this is actually more of a pain than I thought. Doors apparently only rotate one way so when a map maker puts doors in their map that rotate opposite ways, you can’t just use their angles anymore to project the 3d2d text :I

Edit: I actually found the server using that exact 3D2D Text, I think I know how they did it. I’ll try to code it using their method.