2d3d Webpage?

i need a solid SENT with no phys model what will me a small screen that can display a web page (but only at 1fps)

So its just a rectangle box with a web page on it.

I have been looking at the You tube player code but i cant understand it ( or just separate it. )

Like this.


It needs no input just a solid box with a webpage on it to get me started on my project.

3D2D Panel from avon is what you search :wink:


Admin lock please.

If this could be made with the plasma screen model that would be great I would use it on my GangsterRP server.

Why does every RP have RP in its name. For me, that ruins the gamemode. :ninja:

And having that will make a few clients crash.

I know but i need it for my new upcoming map to work.