2GB Limiter

I’ve played several games where the developers limited the game from accessing more than 2GB of ram, is this being done with this game and if so, is there a way to change it?

What are your system specs? CPU, RAM, specifically. Specify if your Windows install is 32- or 64-bit, too.

Nothing special,

Windows 7 64bit

I3-4130 3.4GHZ (do not laugh, this thing handles ES: Skyrim with ease and its a CPU intensive game)


Radeon R9 270 2GB VRAM (DDR5)

What games are you talking about?


This explains it better than I could:

Normally prominant members of a games modding community or the developers themselves provide guidance on this issue for games.

You need to take into account that a) you’re playing an alpha in active development, and b) the devs are working with the Unity 5 Beta, which allows them more powerful 64-bit support, including being able to build the server in 64-bit (which eliminates the physics collider limit, which should mean no more performance wipes!).

Toggling greater RAM usage is a complicating factor that’s just going to introduce more bugs, at this point. And, in order to change it right now on your own, you risk a VAC ban. Someone hacked the exe to manually change it to use 4GB of RAM and reported much better performance, but that’s one person taking a hex editor to RustClient.exe.

This would be a change that comes later in the official client, if it’s messed with at all.