2GUYS1CHICK [Second attempt of scenebuild]

As Joazzz recommended, I made this in darker map, added some laps and stuff.


And this is my first attempt of adding fire, so dont judge me bad.

some faint, really pale blueish moonlight coming from behind the characters would have been a nice addition; lighting from two opposite directions can look very impressive. and in night forest pics a bit of fog is never a bad thing either

you’re getting there tho. keep it up

Chick’s on fire yo

you mean like some white lamps on theyr backs from left side?

yeh, white with a bit of blue tint

Coach’s legs.

Rochelle’s neck.

better than your last one, but there’s something wrong with this fire, try adding more glow to it

and since you used super DoF, the fire should be about as blurry as the rocks around it

Aww shit Rochelle you started a forest fire.

Good job Rochelle.