2nd Armored Division Serious RP Server!

Hello all, I’ve just launched a forum on the possible launch of a 2nd Armored Division WW2 RP server. The server is NOT up yet so please dont nag. Im looking for people to become admins along with myself to create the server. We will start out with a non-dedicate 20 slot “beta” server that will run CakeScript. For now, we need more admins before we begin to develop. Please visit http://midgets2adrp.freeforums.org/index.php to see the full idea of the server and register if you like the idea of it. Thanks for all your support, it helps us a lot!

Why did you make another thread? People still realize how stupid your idea is.

He probably did it, because he wanted a reset of posts/ratings.

You do realize that everyone who say this, say your other thread, and thinks you are both immature and dumb for opening another. The only progress you have made is the making of a (badly made) forum on a free web host. You have nothing else to show for this except a really badly put together idea.

I think he just started this on himself and he wants some attention for it, i doubt this is ever going to go online.