2Wire issue!

hey guys i have had g mod for a while and i recently started to think of a dedicated server, or a server to host on my PC (Windows 7 64bit) and i have tried about 5 times using SRCDS (HLDSupdatetool) then i found out that i had to port forward everything went well BUT only one didn’t…! it was one of the main ones! UDP 27015 it always said Unknown error! its been making me really mad! another question is… could i host a server off my web server?

2Wire tends to have port forwarding problems. Mine isn’t letting forward 25565 for minecraft.

yea its hard :frowning: but i just got it! :smiley: CLOSE PLZ! but what i did was wait like a week

How did you get it to work?

idk but now it STILL says server not responding!