3.11 Wipe?

Just a pretty Simple question are the servers gonna wipe today or not some people told its gonna be at 5.11

Wipe Schedule

Our schedule right now is looking like this:

5th November: Update + Forced Wipe
19th November: Update
3rd December: Update + Forced Wipe


Thanks for the reply

Why you must wipe. I think its really anoying if you are playing rust have a cool base and server will be get wipe so i think many guys or girls will not play rust anymore

Monthly wipe have been happening for quite some time now, so the player base have been used to this, new players might see it as an annoyance, but there’s actually many good reasons for doing so with a game in development.

As always when buying a new game it’s important to learn about the game, the good ‘n’ bad stuff, of course not all can be read/learned from reading and you have to test it out.

But by now I would say that if your reason for dropping the game is the monthly wipe, then maybe the game wasn’t really something for you to start with.

Wipes are essential.

The first reason is simple: the game uses procedural maps and is still in development. This means the same seed can, after certain changes, be totally different. Your nice base on the peak of a mountain might be over a low lake after some changes to procgen if the bases were kept.

Another reason is boredom: Ask any experienced player and they will confirm, the first week after a wipe is the most fun you’ll have. Mucho bonus points if it’s a BP wipe too. This is where the magic happens… 3-4 weeks into a wipe when all the big groups have each cornered 20% of the map with humongous compounds and bases, where is the fun? What can a solo player possibly gain from playing on that server?

Wipes also draw in new players… Lots of players just “wait for the wipe”… If there wasn’t a wipe, they would just quit and not come back.

Wipes are cool, stop being so pessimistic about them. See them as an opportunity, a renewal.