[3/24] Pvp|Supply Signal|War Kit|InstaCraft|Oxide

Admin: Zed/Outrageous

100 Slots
Los Angeles, California

Its sort of fresh…I started the server around two days ago but really haven’t been advertising much so I’m starting today! I’ve started everyone with a basic kevlar and m4+ammo just so people who’ve been for a longer time don’t insta kill you and people can just jump right in. I also try to constantly make a few events every now and then.

-Hackers/Griefers will NOT be tolerated.
-/kit starter (5 uses) : Kevlar suit/Supply Signal/M4/556 Ammo & /kit hunter (20 uses) M4+556 Ammo
-Death handler
-TPA, teleport to your friends with a 1 minute delay (So you don’t teleport in battle)
-Stats/Pvp Rankings
-Arena to come
-Active admins and no admin abuse. We play like you, we die like you.

We’re also looking for mods to help take care of the server. We have our own teamspeak server for people to join and will create private channels for them and their friends. Thanks for reading!