3,449 keys sold > need more servers !

The finding of our houses half bugged, it is accepted, it is an alpha, there was a bug exploit, ok we suffer, it is an alpha, the game lag, ok we suffer … or not, this is an alpha, it’s on browser, ok we suffer, it is an alpha …
But it has more than 3,449 hours on the current 2-3 servers, it starts to do heavy,
I think you made enough profit to hire more servers right? people begin to wonder if you do not take us for cows milk, could you please at least we put more servers and allow us to test your game in less catastrophic conditions that currently I pushes a rant.

I hope not to get banned for this reason, because it is necessary that some dare to yell things done …

Sry for my English

And please we need a Wipe on EU server please!



We will probably put up some more servers soon, right now we want it to run with lots of people on a single server so we can pinpoint performance issues and get them resolved. If we had 8 servers with only 50 people on each we wouldn’t be able to gather this information as easily.

Two PVP servers and a PvE server at the moment is actually pretty decent. I have not seen more than a total of 500 people on the servers, if you add each population up. It’s okay for me, at least. I haven’t experienced any performance issues.

Needs more ketchup.

What about updating and wiping ALL the servers instead of US only?

300 players on a little map same as Rust map, I think is not so good, 80-100 players are the maximum for this kind of map, the server performance are so bad with so much building

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Yes Robotboy655, the EU server need a wipe, building have bug and we can’t open chest !


Quote the contrary, only ~25-30% of the map is populated by players while only ~70% of the map is playable. There’s a wide open country to play in, dude.

Stay only 5 min in each zone of the map and you will see player if it have more than 100 players connected.

No one part of the map are empty.



Go here. You won’t find a person for 5 minutes. Or ten.

Have you guys ever been out there? Nothing spawns. No resources, no wood, ore, etc.

Yes, that’s why nobody is out there, however it’s perfect for a storage base.

maybe but on this place, there is no center of interest, just be alone

I dont understand why everybody want servers… Only 150 or less player online (when i play).
And there are 40 or more player on the noPVP server so only 80-90 player play in the us server (the remain dupe everything on the eu server)

Okay now its “crowded” but not really… i remember when there were more than 500+ player.

(Bad english maybe every grammar wrong.)

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noPVP was wiped.

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Actualy nobody play because servers have so much problems, but when the game work correctly, each servers have 150-250 players…

Do u even grammar?
Also no the servers should be able to take many many players, the game has a lot of problems everything will be fixed soon it is only alpha

3000 keys sold and 500 max players online, no more servers needed helk. :smiley:

Whipbone, You have read my first post ? When I said : Sry for my English
… thats maybe because my englisg and my “grammar” is bad …
Actualy the big probleme of this alpha is not numbers of servers, rather it is the incredible number of bug that prevented players from playing normally, I just hope that in the final version of the game, servers do not host more than 100-120 players or it may soon be a mess!

This is why Rust is in alpha, because of all the bugs and unfinished features. You kind of aren’t supposed to be able to play it normally, because it’s in alpha testing. The point is to find bugs and help improve the game.

I participated in many Alpha (most of the time they were free), but never with so many problems, it starts to get tiring. We are not as alpha testers ,we are also customers who have paid for most this game to a price rather Therefore, I believe that when you put some money into something, that thing must bring a minimum. We are here to try a game, a game must be playable, then it is not really the case. Now I’ll let people who have more patience and bravery pleased to undergo this test and Alpha, and I would like a lot when the game is really … good luck :wink: