3.9.15 GMOD OSX Font Update Troubles

Hello, recently a new font update for OSK was dispatched. These are the details they released about it specifically:

**Improved text rendering on OSX

The OSX version of the font system has been heavily reworked for more consistency and better readability. No more tiny text in the console!**

First: No more tiny text in the console? ive been playing Garry's Mod non-stop this week (87 hours past two weeks) and the text in console was more than readable. Now, it is that I can't see anything at all in the console due to it being so tiny and scratchy! As well as that I am also experiencing extreme game crashing. 

Let me make it simple, I cannot play Garry's Mod at all ever since the update came out and I woke up one morning. ANY server I join (DarkRP) will automatically crash my whole entire GMOD when at "sending client info". I have probably attempted to play a server 100 times and not one time did my game not crash. This new update is causing me torture rather than help.

Also, im not sure what they mean by bigger font in console. It is just now my font in console has dramatically <decreased>. Along with having a corrupt, crashing GMOD. I assure you everything was fantastic on my iMac with gameplay until the update. I have tried reinstalling MULTIPLE times, verifying integrity, deleting the garrysmod folder itself along with REINSTALLING YOSEMITE OSX!

Please help me, I have a server I have just launched that needs to be tended to by myself, and this update is making it completely impossible to do so.

Thank you for any support in advance!!!!

~ Reece / Chatterfox

Hi, I have exactly the same problem !!! And I have found no solution until now…
It’s very annoying, because debugging is not possible anymore with that unreadable console.

Thank you for helping,

I have a fix for the unreadable font thing that I was going to send in but there’s a crash on startup bug that stops it from working.

Temp workaround now is to install the Lucida Console font.

It works perfectly just by installing the Lucida Console font !! Thank you Bo98 !! For those who are interested in downloading the font, go to : http://www.ffonts.net/Lucida-Console.font.download