3 animated model hacks

Well i need 3 new models for my latest gman the god

ALL of them gmans but:
1 without left arm
1 without both arms
1 without head.

Oh and it would be good if there were gibs so you can play with a shot-off arm or keep it as a trophy.


ALL need to have gman animations.

There used to be an old mod of gibs, and gman was in there.

Yeah, headspack. http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=13971

Never thought of that, thats a very simple way of making gibs :smiley: (though it must be hard to pose them surely.)

An alternative is to use the inflater tool to deflate the limbs you don’t want until they no longer show (takes precision with some models mind).

No i mean like:
An animated normal gman_high model but without the specified limbs

i just use the inflator tool with some paint blood