3 Assain's Creed themed pictures


Eagles jump or whatever.


Altair climbin’ through the streets.


Altair being thirsty.

C&C are always welcome!

looks like assassins creed redone on the wii or some shit hahaha

Is it that bad?

[sp] i think its funny how we use “looks like its on the wii” as a put down" [/sp]

That isn’t Altair, it’s Ezio.


I think not.

Look at the face though.

Point taken. Blame the creator?

But he has a finger missing, where is your Ezio now?

Look at the face.

Fuck the missing finger, the face is who it is, not the hand.

Altair’s body, but Ezio’s face?

Who the fuck made this model!

uhh hey guys desmond altair and ezio have the same face

This, you just rarely see Altair’s

oh… :ms:

It is the face of Desmond Miles…Nothing?..The guy, who’s trapped in ABSTERGO building?..the guy, who is using the Animus.

The posing is kinda…meh, I’d rate 6/10