3 blacklight soldiers standing




Where can I find a good tutorial about how to remove green screen. I know that green spots around soldiers are visible :stuck_out_tongue:
Comments are welcome.

THeir poses look really cool, to bad you didn’t capture their legs in the main pic

Nice posing, I wish you made it bigger

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As for removing greenscreen, use the polygonal lasso, and only that. It may be daunting to isolate the entire character, but that’s what gives you the best results.
I also notice there is green light reflecting from the characters, what you should do is take one picture without the greenscreen and one with the greenscreen, although using the polygon lasso you really don’t need a greenscreen.

If you absolutely want a quicker way, use material tool on them using the white material and then coloring them with a color that sticks out, then go into your console and write mat_fullbright 1.

You will need to take 2 pictures of course, one with the fullbrights and one without the fullbright and materials.

Then in photoshop use the quick selection tool to select the brightly colored people and then just duplicate the guys from the other layer.

Original image was bigger, I forgot to turn off resize option when i uploaded picture to imageshack.
Thanks for the advise. Maybe I will make different version of image and update the thread later.

Easy greenscreen extraction: menu > selection > color range


Move the slides in the blending options so you get rid of all these little green spots:


Also: use mat_fullbright 1 in Gmod.

It’s better to just get one of Kathar’s greenscreens, put a purple or whatever one around your scene and color all the objects and chracters you want isolated a flat black color. Then you get a pretty clean selection using color range, save that selection, load it on your main picture and you’ll have your characters perfectly isolated.


A tut of what I mean.

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The reason I use this method and not the kathars greenscreen is because I often like to edit many objects individually for lighting, smoke etc.

If you have a bottle on a table infront of the character… etc.

That’s what I use sadly it’s not that effective and leaves me with not so nice edges. Practically impossible to see the problem until you start doing some rimlighting.

I am getting the same problem now, I remember there was a console command to fix it, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it is.

Yeah, that version leaves nasty aliasing problems.

Tbh, the best way is just to grab the pen tool and do it yourself. If you don’t have parkinsons, it’s pretty quick and effective.

No no no that won’t look good because the background is still all colored and shit and your character is pretty bright and plus the quick selection tool causes all those nasty edges.
What I mean is this:

You have your main picture. You put the greenscreen around your character (there are smaller and bigger ones so you could probably even put seperate ones around seperate characters/objects and isolate them seperately), you make your stuff matte white and color it full black:

The contrast between the background and your character is very noticable now and you can just use the color range tool to only select the black so you won’t end up with horribly aliased edges.

I mean, yeah, the edges aren’t 100% smooth, but they’re definitely smoother than doing it that other way and I don’t think it’s worth spending time manually selecting the stuff if the edges will only be slighty smoother than what you’ll get from that.
I’ve been doing it like that for a long time and I never had any problems with the edges looking ugly.

Welp, time for me to stop using GIMP.

They are floating in the air.

The best thing to do is to use paths as opposed to polygonal lasso imho.
Also if you have antialiasing, when you have your selection done, just feather it by 0.2 or something tiny like that.