3 copies of Rust for any game you want on Origin or on my list

Me and 2 of my friends want to buy Rust, but we don’t have money on us right now. We’ll trade any game we have on our Steam lists, or buy you any games on Origin that equal up to 60$ right after. (The reason we can buy games on Origin is because another one of our friend’s has a credit card on there and we have permission to buy a game up to 60$ on there"

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Also willing to trade a good WoW account. Level 77 Priest full geared for the level, tweaked.

it’s against the ToS to trade or sell wow accounts.

that plus, he could also use recovery and say it was hacked.

Alright, nevermind then. Just the origin and steam trade.

What kind of shitty parent only allows their kid to buy games off origin?

“sure son, you can use my credit card to buy video games, but they can only be expansion packs for my copy of the Sims”

This made me lol.

give me rust faggots or else i’ll ingest cyanide in my dick

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Level 77 isn’t considered good in WoW fyi.

There’s five months worth of playtime on it haha

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I swear i’ll buy anyone any Origin game they want, and i’ll take it down to 2 rust copies ,so that’s 40$

Go ahead.


can’t you just get it off steam?

hes obviously lying. hes going to rip you off.

if it’s really such an issue just get a credit card and use it for rust

that’s WAY more easier than the hassle of all this no less, and very useful

and somehow that makes it any better? what?

Kids suck.

I’m not going to be ripping anyone off .-. i’ll screenshare on skype and show that I have everything in order.

What a shame

Wait hold the phone, can’t he just buy your Rust since he has a card anyway?

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forgot the whole thing