3 Epic Fights.

If you haven't played F.E.A.R you won't get it I suspect.

Posing is pretty bad.

Haha I like the Alma one. I remember playing F.E.A.R. when that little bitch popped up. I still have nightmares 'till this day.

Good god Harley’s pose is painful looking.

First time I posed Cammy. She is all jiggle bone or something. To flexible. I need to practice with her. Anyway. It was the last pic that was the point.


Really? Oh. Though I got it down fairly decent. But that’s the name of the game. Other see what I can not. Was a bit funny though:biggrin:


Made a new Harley Quinn pose. That is more like her:)
Adjusted the Cammy pose. Not really sure how to make her pose better.

I lol’d.
Good job.


First seems pretty good but the other 2 seem very rushed.

dat ass

To whomever it may concern. Rate my pictures dumb all you want, but don’t be a juvenile asshole and rate me dumb when I thank people for their comments.

Ratings don’t mean/do anything. So why care?

It just bugs me when it is not picture related, but you are right. Why care.

Ahem! I shall from this day forth ignore juvenile behavior:black101:

I’ve never gotten the deal about that alma girl

I laugh at the third one.

Cammy pose reminds me of an old kung fu movie where the guy would jump up into the screen with a rising sun background doing a kick.
Alma one made me laugh hard.
Ref: Oh… Oh god…

Youre right, i dont understand

Alma is from a first person shooter horror game called F.E.A.R. First Encounter Assault Recon. It came out in 2005 and sat a new standard for the genre.

Her favorite past time was to rip people open or skin them

with the power of her mind

when she got moody. She is the scariest shit to ever hit the game community, and people who played the game still have nightmares about her.

The first pick looks most life like.