3 Errors, Two Big, One Small

I have just noticed three glitches, all are pretty annoying, but one isn’t a huge problem.

X-Made New Shortcut: First off, when I click on Garry’s Mod on my desktop, it simply takes me to my games on Steam, instead
of starting the game off instantly. Not a big deal, but it’s something that’s kind of been bothering me, like
an itch that needs to be scratched or something.

X-Removed some new playermodels AND verified game: Secondly, whenever I open up the player models screen, none of the icons show up, and the game freezes
and then crashes after a minute of static screen (except the mouse can move), the game crashes, makes the annoying noise that I always know means “game over” for me… and insert another quarter… I’ll crash my game purposely to see what the message is. (Thank goodness I’m using my favorite player model!).

X-Isolated Incident: Thirdly (and lastly, thank goodness!) is whenever I start a sandbox match, I can only carry one weapon at a time, so when I want to use a weapon, I have to get it out of the Weapons section. (I’m not positive this is still going on, because it only happened once. When I purposely crash my game with the player models section I’ll see…

Please Help, I’ll watch this thread for about five minutes, then check back after I’m done checking whether the problems still occur/copy the error message. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

All problems are solved!

first: you have to start the game off of steam, no question
second: you might have to reinstall gmod, and get the correct models for the game
last: umm never happend 2 me, probably just a glitch

hopefully sum of this halped

Thanks, By the way (I forgot to add), these problems started today… I’ve had the game for about a month or two.

By the way, when I started out, I booted up Gmod from the desktop, and it started from there…

if it had the steam box that said (preparing to play gmod) then its on steam, also look at your tool bar icons like the small little one if ur on xp its on the blue bar, you should see the steam icon

in the end, if you cant find a good solution, you have to reinstall or (clean up your gmod) as they call it, i recently downloaded a virus from a server that spammed my gmod screen and shot lasers all around everytime i moved, then i eventually had to clean my gmod and re download and svn about 3gb of addons just in this last week


Problem 3 is solved. Only problem 2 is still at large. Let me clarify on problem 1, when I usually start,
the green “Preparing to play Garry’s Mod” shows up instantly. Now it just turns Steam (as if you clicked on the Steam icon), and I have to go in and start Gmod from there. No big deal, but it’s annoying.

Problem 2 is getting even worse. When I tried a minute ago, it made the noise, then not even cntl-alt-delete could save me. I just shut down the computer. I’ll try again later, see if I get an error message.

ya you might have to re install either your player models or gmod

I know what he means.

Try this to fix Problem 1: Right Click your Garry’s Mod desktop shortcut and click Properties. In the target field you should see “-applaunch <some number>” after the quotes.

If you don’t, delete that shortcut and make a new one (Right Click Garry’s Mod in Steam > Create Desktop Shortcut), because I don’t remember what that number is, and I don’t use Desktop Shortcuts.

Thanks… I’ll do that now. Now I can focus on problemo dos. Muchas gracias to both of you.
(I don’t know Spanish…)

YES! The desktop icon is working, now that I made a new one. Yay!

You’re welcome. Scratched that itch, eh?

Anyway, about the player models thing, have you tried verifying Garry’s Mod? (If you reinstalled it, go ahead and count it as “yes”)

Sorry for sounding like the hugest minge in all mingedom, but what do you mean by verifying Garry’s Mod?
I have NO clue…

Here’s how to do it.

Replace Audiosurf with Garry’s Mod, but otherwise that’s exactly how.