3 eu battle walkers advance while bombs go off behind them


yeah simple i know and dunt tell me to up my grapics card or whatever

Up your grapics card.

Turn up your graphics card. :v: Or atleast turn on AA.

Or atleast try making something more interesting , they are just standing in one place doing nothing.

i seed not to tell me that read the words at the bottom of the pic

use another eXpLoSiOn and…get a new graphic card…

orgnaly ther chainguns where firing but it didnt make it in this one strage

DO NOT WANT, But keep trying! you’ll get it eventually.

thanks for the encrage ment :slight_smile:

And work on your english.

i live in louisanana i know english i just cant spell very good

That’s why you need to work on it , because you make alot of spelling mistakes.

yeah i know

By any chance

Are you under the age of 12?


Was the last game you played on highest settings Deux Ex?.. wait you were probably about five years old when that game came out. Did your dad buy your computer when you were five years old?

…i dount own deux ex i was born in 1995 when the orignal DOOM was still the shit

I am desperately trying not to laugh while I type this.

Seriously work on your spelling

encrage-ment :roflolmao:


do the math june 21,1995= 14

Oh wow because you gave a random date in 1995 we know for sure you’re not lying.