My first attempt to scenebuild. Am i doing it right?



i can see the ground through the grass. that’s not a good thing

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and use some slight fog to add depth

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and lamps

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and when doing forest scenebuilds, build the stuff in a dim/dark map and add the lighting with lamps

About that fog, I can’t get done with him. When im trying to do something it just changes the sky fog, [like in background of map] not in the map.

oh, that’s weird. oh well i’m not familiar with the modern GMod’s antics

I’ve got the same problem. Don’t know what’s up.

As for the scenebuild, it’s kinda boring. No one’s really doing anything.

It was kinda test, does that looks like scene or not. Did put much effort there :confused:

If you really have to ask someone else, there’s something wrong.