3 Heretics in a Death Box

orig. http://i.imgur.com/qKFSXGO.jpg
c&c mucho appreciado

could be worse, could be trapped in a tank with a World Eater with a headache

guy’s digging his fists in like he’s got angron with a nail clipper over his head

this is cool


good stuff, good colors on the eyes glowing on the right, the blue ray of light in the middle and the glowing screen on the left. Good posing as well.

Bad stuff, everything is so spread out. So much empty space between the character on left and right and guy in mid. This can be fixed by zooming in more and stepping back more with the camera.

no it can’t, it’s a compositional thing.

Space Marine: So help me Khorne, if someone doesn’t own up to ripping ass just now I’m gonna tear you all limb from limb and use your skulls as athletic cups.

should i make more of these four bubs? im thinking about making a story thingy micjigger with these dudes to a suicide mission or something. then again i should study for class