3 hostages being taught how to defend themselves.

I’ve given up doing serious poses so…


Hahaha awesome use of Dean’s new ported model :stuck_out_tongue:
I lol’ed at the steps :stuck_out_tongue:


Bad reading? :o why?

At least be a shield

Fit so well

I was hoping someone would notice that. :v:

Why are they wearing bag thingies on their heads?

Because they are hostages, and everyone knows hostages are bought at the grocery store.

Or Costco. I heard they’re having a sale down there.

Winn dixie.

I like the idea but the posing just isn’t really good. Even though it’s not a serious posing I’m sure it’d be better if the posing was better.

I’ve never seen those kind of bags in a Winn Dixie, more like something you’d find in a Wallmart.
They might even be Wallmart employees… just look at their blue shirt!

I smell a conspiracy.