3+ Hour Restart?!?

Ummmmm I Dont Get IT!!! It Said Restart! Not 3+ Hour Shutdown… Can SOMEONE PLEASE give us some information on wtf is wrong with Facepunch Texas?

Seems like there is always something wrong with this server, 24 other official servers don’t seem to have issues. If i was facepunch i would start handing out pink slips.

yeah i agree…its been what 5 hours now? this is just stupid give us an option to pay you $X.XX and move my bp’s to a new damn server so i can escape this misery :confused:

3 hours is nothing, I’ve been waiting months for the Linux client to come back up.

How’s this guy not banned yet?

How is the fucking Linux client not fixed yet!

edit: Seriously, I think they don’t ban me because they like seeing me annoyed.