3 in a duel (voting thread)

Video included:


3 characters, in the middle of the duel.3 characters, in a duel for the treasure. One will survive. So choose on from the following character:


The man who just want to be rich after raping one his friend in dustbowl.


The man who seek revenge against Dr. Hax.

And finaly


The man who betrayed his friends and family and escape to Brazil one’s he’s get his hand’s on.

Cast your vote now and Dmgaina, if you read this, your vote won’t count unless you pick someone else than your own.

-DMGaina-, He is like Chuck Norris, except more exciting.

Chuckle. Not as evil.

Someone missed the personal skin thread



It’s Chuckles.

Il Triello, a great Morricone song and a great scene.

If you make more screenshots, then turn up the graphics a bit. Also I vote for the buggy in the background.

Your all Roadkill now.

Chuckle should win this one. There is not much revenge in dying.

considering that chuckle will probably cheat,and therefor receive a computer screen in the face,i say devil or the other.

That’s how high my graphic can go because graphic card is nvidia Geforce 6300 or less

You put a fucking shit load of bloom.

So, why’s the problem about my bloom?

It hurts my eyes.

Oh, sorry about that.