3 ODST and Altair Themed Pics

The Rookie and Altair having a bad day…

Altair and that chick from Devil May Cry kill some knights…

ODSTs fight Nazi Zombies. Unlikely? Yes. Awesome? Yes.

My Models :v:

The Halo weapons? Yep, those are yours.

Yeah nice muzzles. Except I don’t think they should really be white.

All futuristic weapons have white muzzleflashes :downs:


Is that Francis in the second picture on the right?

Your posing is pretty unrealistic, I think you need to work on that. Also, muzzleflashes have color, they’re not entirely white. They also aren’t just soft blobs, they have shapes.

Lol’d. Random rampage.

My Hexes!!!

I approve of this screenshot, not really edited for the first few, but I lol’ed.

Why yes it is. His last words were “I hate assassins.”


Must have those odst models.

They’re not that impressive, but here you go…

Impossible to pose too. I was amazed you could pose them.

Harbinger and sir Francis will destroy them both