3 old Screenshots - How did I do? [POLL]

I have 3 old screenshots from 2008-2009 that I thought I would show you, all are unedited.

since Imageshack pictures dont work with IMG Tags I must post links.

the first two are the Female Gasmask model, while the final is Odessa VS an Combine Asassin.


I apologise for being unable to put them in Image form.

where is the poll option for “none of these”

and don’t use imageshack dunkarse

None of these look even remotely good, but if I had to choose I’d pick picture two just for the pose/camera angle.

None of these.

Damn you guys are so harsh. When I was new to gmod I didn’t make anything close to this good. Thinking of the different lighting and camera angles. etc. Atleast he’s trying.

Keep it up and just work on your posing and camera angles.

Good for starters, just keep on doing this and you’ll get there. Prime example of how everyone started in screenshot making. So these are pretty decent.

Hehe… Nope.

But if you REALLY wanna know, i thint the first is the best from the three. It’s not very good, but from these, it’s the best.

good first poses

don’t be so harsh dunkarse.

But they’re bad

You sure as hell don’t get better by sugarcoating everything. The posing is mediocre, and the angles and composition are bad.

Thanks for the votes guys :slight_smile:

except those dipshits who hated them just because they werent edited -_-

There’s always room for improvement. :slight_smile:

That sounds like obligatory ‘haters gonna hate’ post to me.

Keep doing that and you are not welcome here.

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And use bb tags on pictures next time.

It’s [img] and it ends with the same thing with a slash after the bracket.


Literally NO ONE in this thread has even mentioned editing.