3 or just 1 FO3 creatures rig request

So I have 3 models I would liked rigged, the Abomination from Mothership Zeta, the Wanamingo from Marts Mutant Mod, and the Gecko from Marts Mutant mod as well. All 3 models would be great but just one of the 3 would be fine

Oh and the Wanamingo and Gecko have multiple skins, so if they can be added as skin groups if done would be great as well

Here is the file that contains saves for them, smoothed, textures applied, scaled, and converted to VTF textures. The scaling may need some work since my scales aren’t always that great

Images of said creatures

I support this. A Wanamingo would be awesome.

Do you happen to have the original .NIF files with their respective skeleton .NIFs? It would be a shitload easier to rig and stuff.

Yeah, I could upload them when I get home.

Which should be shortly

Here are the nif files, skeleton nif files, and DDS format textures for each