3 people negotiate for fuel outside a scrapyard while a loner scavenges behind them


C&C, and give me some thread music!

Posing needs work.
but its not a bad pic, looks like a scene from some movie or something. Could need some editing tho.

Posing is off. D:
I mean, the green and white guy is breaking his back, the hoodie guy is about to fall and Zoey doesn’t even hold her gun!
Was a good idea tho and can’t see any other problem.

Well…I sorta noticed Zoey wasn’t holding her gun…I’m not the first person to have the good ol’ invisible strapped gun : /


And I forgot to save, so the broken back will stay >.<

Where did you get the main character’s ragdoll? I feel like doing a hoverbiker-themed pose

Is that a… Metro cop in a HEV suit?

No, its a reskin, and there is a gastank on his back.

Does he have a second head on his crotch that needs protection from gases in the atmosphere?

Hey, I want my balls to be protected.

love the poses of all excepting of the knee guy (green and gray)

Cool, nice shot.

his dick needs its own gas mask (which is from WWII?)

It’s pretty cool, where did you get the girl’s goggles?

Mad Max anyone?