3 pictures from the OEMS thread!

Ohai, since I was banned I edited some pictures from the Official Edit my Sreenshot thread.

I know I got kinda carried away with the rim-lightning:




Just wanted to post them and get some C&C, thanks :v:

Credit to Caboose, Castro and G-bullet for posing them.


Not bad. Good work overall.

The rim-lighting on Francis’ clothing is really dumb though - it makes it look like he has neon trims on his pockets and stuff. Only rim-light things that strongly when the light is behind the object, relative to the camera.

There’s some anti-aliasing issues on the text in the third one.

Otherwise, these all look fantastic.

Thanks for the C&C guys.

Should have done a bit more editing to the third one other than the HUD. I can hardly see anything else that you’ve changed.

Other two are cool though.

Cartoony rim lighting. :krad2:

I like them, there is of course antialising errors, but the editing is friendly and warm. I think your photoshop skills are improving… oh and Castro, why do you use animated text in every thread ? did you won the lottery ?

The third one, that game looks interesting, is it based on something real?

Explain “animated text” or do you mean smilies?

Uhh… nope the :iceburn: and such, i do that when i am happy and humans have pretty much common senses so…

First 1 is awesome