3-Poster Pack

3-Posters made by me put into a pack.
Taking requests just tell me what you want poster you want.
If possible supply me with a picture, 512x512 is best.

Garrysmod.org link;


Yea I already did (and am still doing) this ¬.¬


Edit: Also I just had a look at your pack you haven’t even hexed them you’ve just renamed them (which means they will likely not even show up in-game). And its not your poster model either, so don’t bother trying to claim it is. And you need a texture that isn’t square at 512x620 or else it will look squashed.

U Fail Frohman …

Yeah, I realized that. Also, I haven’t claimed the model was made by me. I’m just going to delete that fail anyways.

Oh really?

3-Poster Pack
Created by xXFrohmanXx
aka xXFrohman2Xx
Accepting any requests.

Bugs; None known.
- Skate 2
- Sgt.Pepper (Beatles)
- Resident Evil 5
You may not modify my work in anyway without permission of the author, ME (xXFrohmanXx - email: xxfrohman2xx@ymail.com)
Extract to C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\YOURUSERNAME\garrysmod\garrysmod\
                                        ect. John2009

I don’t see any credit for MagNet anywhere in your stuff and no link to the original model at all ¬.¬

“of the author, ME”

Ask a mod to lock it.

Edit: huh seems you edited it before I posted, i’m sure you were asking how to get rid of it when I clicked on it @.@