3 Questions about DarkRP

hey guys, about DarkRP setting up, i have THREE question about some DarkRP servers.

1: How can i put Health and Suit Chargers, to sell for 500$ for everyone?

2: How can i do donator´s job?

3: How i put something to sell “for this job, and not to this one”?

sry about my english im brazilian i hope u guys understand, bye. Thanks.

  1. Entities?
  2. Don’t. Just don’t. Having a donator 999999999$ per second job named “ULTIMATE BADASS” isnt “cool”.
  3. You mean for example making the say mayor sell guns? Go to addentities.lua and change from there. It has instructions and everything.

DarkRP isn’t going to work until Garry or someone updates. Or until DarkRP makes a compatible version with the new Gmod Update.

DarkRP is broken? :v:?

  1. yes a entitie, how i put it to sell for everyone?

  2. i know how to balance my game so plz u know or not how to do it?

  3. Where is that file?

edit: yes rp is broken.



Balance? In RP? For a donator-only class? Is that even possible? Even if you give it no extra weapons/health/money/abilities, it would have no use other than meta-gaming, and if you did give it anything special…

Man i KNOW what to do… plz u know or not how to do??? can anyone help me instead to freaking still annoyin me?

I dont thinh someone will remake darkrp. That means, the chance of Rebuilding an fallen empire (Role playing) is there!

The addentities.lua file is in Steam/SteamApps/YourAccountName/garrysmod/garrysmod/gamemodes/DarkRP/gamemode

Also, you say you know how to balance it, tell us, what will the donator job do?

What salary will it have?

Starting weapons?

If you knew what you were doing on your server, I don’t think you’d have a donator only class. Anyways, I think you would have to edit the code of DarkRP to allow for such an abomination, since you would need to make it interface with something like an admin mod’s ranks in order to know who donated or not.

and man for the donator its like
No weapons at start he will just sell high power guns
like m4 or ak47, if he want one he have to buy it… and he will can do a donator printer…

AKA a class which can have a printer which prints 5 times more than the regular one.

Now, about the guns, i am not against that if you want automatic weapons, because it will reduce them severeley and make owning one a achievement, but anyone will disagree on the donator printer part.

DarkRP is easly fixed if you know what your doing… so its not dead [sp]yet[/sp]

Man, it will print at same time as the normal printer, but it will do 800$ to 900$. and, can anyone plz answer my number 1 question? (forget about the other questions |).

Please can anyone, at least answer question number 1?!?!!

i just want the cl_init.lua, init.lua and shared.lua


You should add em there.
I believe. Dont hit me if im wrong.

Also: good grammar is good, bad grammar is bad. Get it? You are currently on the bad grammar spectrum.

Well, I’m sure his Portuguese is better than his English.