3 questions

How do I make custom skins for garry’s mod? I have photoshop, but how do I get the skins into photoshop.

How do you resize the ragdolls? Not the inflator tool or the skybox.

How do I download custom made ragdolls, props, NPC’s, etc? I know how to download, but what would be considered addons? Basically what I mean what goes where? I downloaded a couple of things, and placed them all in addons, but only some of them show up.

Any help would be appreciated. Please and Thank You.

If it downloads a .torrent, you’ll need to run it through Bit Torrent, or uTorrent, or whatever torrent program you like.

After that, if it has a folder called “addons,” then it goes in addons. If it’s called “gamemodes” or if you downloaded a gamemode, it will go in gamemodes.

If it has folders like “materials,” “models,” “lua,” “sound,” etc. each folder goes with the folder it shares a name with (lua merges with lua, maps with maps, models with models, etc.)

Thanks. I had a feeling that it went something like that. I just need the other two questions answered.

You have to point the ragdoll and reload ® with inflator. It resizes the ragdoll to the original size.