3 Random TF2 Pictures

Photoshop + Gimp crashes all the time I try to edit something so heres some unedited shit.
Comment on Posing + Camera Angle please.




Boring. I love the scout’s posing tho.

I know I dont have any ideas sorry.
Thx for commenting.

The elbow is too close to the chest on the Scout pose mate.

I see, its clipping.
Will look closer next time.

I had to save that heavy pic for some reason.

Also, why is your GIMP/Photoshop crashing? Already tried reinstalling?

Like 3 times.
Im gonna buy a new comp cause this one starts fucking up everything.
Not even HL2 works. It randomly crashes and so do L4D,TF2…
The only thing that works is COD lol.

Nice work at posing heavy :v:

Cheers Twistai

Pyros expression is like… Just kidding. Like the cam angles.

Cheers for the bump + critism my friend.

I think the pyro and scout are ‘meh’ but the heavy had me cracking up, and I dont know why, have a funny.

Week bump ain’t too bad.
Scout is a little lanky/wimpily posed, shoulders slumped, arm bent too far.
Heavy’s faceposing is just awesome.
And I like the Pyro’s posing, it looks like he is giving an interview.

The scout pose bugs me. I’m not sure why but I want to burn it. Kudos on the second and third though.

The bat looks a bit too lightweight on the scout, I can’t tell what makes it look like that but it just does…

Cheers for the critism people