3 Rangers lost in a destroyed german city (posing practice)

Trying to get used to WWII poses again.

Click to view in Fullscreen](http://uppix.net/2/e/d/1453f45c514552de7e6a71d977e5d.jpg)

The terrain is ugly, and the models are kinda low-res i think.
But the posing is really good mate.

Some editing can never hurt!

Nice posing. Not really a fan of those weapon skins or those models though and the eyeposing is a little odd.


It’s 00:17 AM here, and i’ve got to wake up at 06:45 AM, sorry, I don’t really want to edit right now. :v:
Anyway thanks for the comments. :stuck_out_tongue:

I want those models,mostly for the sexy beards though,nice posing anyways

The vanilla HL2 citizen heads come with beards…

Compare them,these have more facial hair.

Never use RTS models for posing.

They were never meant to be looked at that close.

These are the rebel faces. they’re slightly differen’t than the citizen ones

They still look better than crappy DoD ones. Since nobody seems to be trying to port COD 2 or COD 5 ragdolls (nobody want to give them to meh), i’ll stick with these ones.

DoDS are the best WW2 models we have. The models might not be incredible but the textures (with good custom skins) are certainly superior to anything else.

Then we need someone to reskin those COH models, because i think the DoD : Source ones are getting boring and too low poly. :frowning:

These models are from Company of Heroes? No wonder they look like shit…

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