3 Rust Accounts for sale still

Do not buy accounts, they are all scammers.

(User was permabanned for this post ("Scammer/alt of permabanned user" - SteveUK))

Lol, accounts for sale. stupid, stupid, stupid

Well, I’ll offer to accept an account for a sum of NOTHING.

If that is not something you’d be willing to consider I have an alternative solution.

If anybody is seriously considering falling for this - you are stupid.

does owning the accounts make it so you can’t type an s twice?

How didn’t he notice the sticky with capitals that just happened to spell a certain word. I’m not going to say it because I’ve been banned too many times already for apparently ‘Predicting Moderation’ and ‘Flaming’ so.

It’s against the rules to make a new account after being banned. You can expect another ban soon.

Oh really? This is my only account so yeah, good one buddy. Also if you read my post or generally knew the rules that your trying to suggest with that post, you’ll realise that ‘Predicting Moderation’ is a bannable offence which you are doing right now. Well done, and don’t try and edit your post being I’ve already quoted it.

Son, he has only used that account nothing else.

Wow did he really just edit his post in the hope that nobody would notice? Because its not like anybody quoted his original post or anything and the thread title is a dead giveaway and I also reported him so all I can say is good luck.

Pathetic. The title still gives him away.

I’ve only just really noticed what he tried to replace his original post with, he basically told everyone not to trust him and that he is a scammer as well, fucking hell, a new low of stupidity. But you know fair play to him for getting 3 LEGIT ACCOUNTS TO SELL :wink:

You’re a July 2013er, so I’m not surprised that you don’t know that around here, there are no suspensions. There are only bans (that expire after the length of time chosen by the mod) and permabans (that don’t expire).

You really should lurk more.

You’re getting exclusive access to red member areas of the forum! Isn’t that exciting?

Thankyou for that insightful information. I’m glad yo spent the time to type that.

Do you really want to start this again after you just freshly got unbanned after you started shit with me the last time?

I’m not starting anything padawon, I have no idea what your talking about.