3 Shareware games' SWEPS Request

I’m requesting that someone remakes some sweps resembling weapons on 3 FPS games. 1: Duke Nukem 3D. 2: Blood. 3:Shadow Warrior. It’s been done before, but only doom sweps were made. If possible, please make a “View Bobbing” system, such as that in those 3 games. The weapons I’m requesting: DN3D’s: Shotgun, pistol, and chain gun cannon. Blood: Normal dynamite pack, and single and akimbo flare gun. Shadow Warrior: Uzi, and dual Uzi. And one more thing: The ammo system to be styled like Duke Nukem’s.

Ehm, you see that subforum, you know, the one thats called “requests”?
This is supposed to go there you know.

oh man Blood was fucking awesome