3 shittily-made MW2 Ragdolls (Makarov + friend + cop)


These were intended to be better with eye, face and finger rigging provided by Bloocobalt, but I didn’t think the models I ripped in the first place were that good so I’m just releasing them like this unless somebody wants to make better ones. There’s a reason I have “shittily-made” in the title. I don’t think the bugs are necessarily unable to be taken pictures of, but you know they’re not great.

What it comes with:
(1) Vladimir Makarov
(1) Some other teammate (Lev, Kiril or that other guy; I don’t know this guy’s name)
(1) “No Russian” police officer

I added phong so they would fit in with the other MW2 models out there.


The other teammate is actually just a reskin of Makarov I made quickly. Probably not impossible to make the other teammates the same way.


Fun fact: Makarov has 1 green eye and 1 blue one.

Makarov must be that dude from X-Men

Awesome man

The thing about the teammate being a reskin is interesting though, seems to fit pretty well.

I laughed at the filename. :v:

They’re not bad. DLing now.
Are you still going to port GTA4 vehicles ssa?

those would sure make interesting hostages…
if anyone would make another skin for makarov or the police officer those could be 4 interesting hostages

Kick ass, No Russian ragdolls finally.Thank god their rigged, players here I come


I was going help him with this, but I hated how he did it so I refused. I’m going to re-do it myself, with fingeposing, faceposing, and eyeposing.

His name’s not Dominik.

Great so in MW3 when we kill Makarov we will discover that his twin brother/sister planted a nuke somewhere so then in MW4 we will have to kill them. :downs:

I just put it as the files said


FINALLY. Are you planning on porting the civilians too?


“Remember, no russian… hand me the acid to burn off that tatoo.”

whats up with huge ass balloon head on makarov

Damn nice!
Good job once again

Awesome, I was just thinking the other day about how I wanted a Makarov ragdoll for GMOD.


Well, I don’t want to be a dick an’ all… but why hasn’t anyone made Makarov and his crew for T’s yet? I mean… it would look uberbadass to have 'em as T’s and they even suit T’s better.

Plus it makes more sense… Maybe I should post it in Predaaators topic.

They’re not shitty at all… THEY’RE AWESOME!!! :slight_smile: