3 Slot Garrys Mod Server Requirements?

Hey, Me again… Well anyways Im wanting to know if I can run a 3 slot Garrys Mod server on these specs.

Linux/Damn Small Linux (Uses about 20mb of ram)
700mhz Intel Celeron (DSL on idle uses about %8 of cpu)
128mb ram
5gb harddrive

My Inet can handle 10 slots.


You’ll definitely need more RAM. SRCDS alone will have all of that 128MB and then your swap file will be abused.

Up your system entirely. Even if you plan on only hosting servers on it, it needs to be at least 5 slots (on GMod) for it to be any fun whatsoever.

Your hardware would have been fine if Garry’s Mod was natively supported in linux - for three people anyway. Probably would lag if anything needing a lot of physics calculations was built but otherwise, would have been fine.

Since it is not natively supported, you would have to run WINE making it all but impossible to run a Garry’s Mod server on that due to the limited ram. Sorry man, going to have to buy better hardware.

I own a gaming pc, Im talking about Dedicated Server, which is nativly supported on linux.

Not for GMod.

Ok?. I never talked about if you had a gaming pc…

Why? SRCDS isnt native to linux? Dont give me that crap. And Paradox, I meant I was talking about Source Dedicated Server not the actual client.
And FYI, SRCDS was designed for linux and windows so yeah.

EDIT: I found out Garrys Mod SRCDS has not been ported to Linux. What Bullshit. Shame on garry(To lazy to port it to a better os for servers.) wow just freaking wow. Nevermind this post. but again shame on garrys mod team for selling a unfinished product. I quit!

So was I!.

To the second bold part: Garry’s Mod SRCDS?. No such thing. Garry just has not made the binaries for linux. Get your facts straight - its not SRCDS that is missing for linux, just the binaries.


Actually, what do you mean by unfinished product?.

The “Linux is better for servers lolololooolololol i <3 linux” argument is a complete waste of time. Windows/UNIX are equally good at server hosting, it actually depends on the individual games and how good their binaries are.

Actually, since you can customize the linux kernel it really is better for hosting servers.

That seems all pretty good just to run a 3 slot server but, you might want to switch to maybe ubuntu?
Damn Small is a bit old, might make the server sluggish, having ubuntu if anything would be the best for you.

Who here apart from birkett and several others would know how to do that, and what to change in order to get the best performance?

I do a little bit, I dont recommend using a window manager but instead command line for linux.

It’s easier then you think.


Few things… First get more ram, second try NOT to use celeron processors. Those things are so damn weak man.

ok Ill be getting 384mb of ram in the mail in a couple weeks. Will it work with this?

You’re flogging a dead horse with that system, there’s only so much you can do to improve it.

Only ignorant Windows users would say stuff like that. (Before I get banned, please note that there is a difference between IGNORANT and just STUPID. IGNORANCE is curable)

My argument for *nix (Linux is based off Unix, and not that much changed. So, they’re pretty much kind of the same) being better than Windows is thus:

[li]Windows has a GUI, all the time. No choice. With *nix, you can choose NOT to have one, which saves resources.
[/li][li]I, as well as a SHIT LOAD of others, have found Windows to have more downtime than *nix. Crashes are a part of it, yes (I’ve never had *nix actually CRASH, while Windows has done so a few times), but that aside, Microsoft likes to force it’s updates on you. That’s not the major point of the problem, the major point is Microsoft has said about a lot of updates “U NEED 2 RESTART UR COMPUTER NAONAO BECUZ OF THIS LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL XD”. *nix you only have to reboot when you’re messing with the kernel (which doesn’t happen very much at all).

So, yes, *nix IS better for servers. Desktops, however, remain at the throes of “What the fuck do you plan on DOING with your desktop?”

Exactly! Windows users somehow think nix is less superior. But then again, Windows server 2003 is very good. But I still prefer Linux. And I was wondering how much bandwidth per month I would need for a 3 slot server?