3 Slot Garrys Mod Server Requirements?

I work as an internal IT support tech, which means I’m dealing with the people inside the company I work for. I don’t have time to look up commands and flags when something goes wrong in Linux, it’s much easier to turn on a KVM and click buttons in Windows than it is to type like a maniac. 5 minutes downtime of a database server can mean the difference between a big order and no big order so luckily our Windows-based IT environment is solid as hell on the server side of things, it’s only clients which seem to have problems.

Windows is easy, that’s why practically all of the big industrial companies use it as a main OS.

Don’t turn this into a Windows vs Linux thread. Everyone gets far too passionate about the OS they seem to sleep with and I’ll just end up banning everyone involved.

No it doesn’t. I play with 1 friend a lot of the time and it’s fun.

Normally I’d refute this, but most of FP isn’t smart enough to get the picture, so I agree there.

All operating systems are dumb in their own ways and all operating systems are smart in their own ways!
That should cover that…

Now, How much bandwidth per month for a full 3 slot Garrys Mod 2007 server?

Gmod 2007? There’s no such version…

For a 3 slot server, it would be around 0.50Mbps.

Garrys Mod 2007, AKA gmod 10/11

Garry’s Mod 2007 was a beta released in that year for testing, it’s not the name of the mod. Currently it’s “Garry’s Mod” for the version out now, “Gmod SVN” for an occasional SVN development beta, and finally “Gmod9” for the pre-commercial version.

Everything else can be considered illegally downloaded, including “Gmod 11” as there’s no such product.

My computer has

2gb ram

up to 700 mb graphics card


and i still lag

my internet is 2.50mb/s

so i dont think ur getting any ware with that

also i use a laptop

UberMench: I was referring to garrys mod 10… I have a legal copy of gmod10…

Whoever Im quoting: Im not talking about gaming Im talking about hosting a server…

You have a legal version of Garry’s Mod. Not Garry’s Mod 10.

To bad…

Thats because you have a integrated GPU