3 small problems

So, I made a map of a house that Im not planning on releasing, as it sucks, and I know there’s already thousands of them. So now Im just using it for practice. But, there’s three small problems with it I can’t fix. Two of them have to do with prop_door_rotating-s. FOr one, both of my doors with the skin radio_metaldoor01.mdl turn on a central axis. They still turn horizontally, but I can’t get through the opening as the stupid door is still right in the middle. I moved the purple ball thing to the side, but that didnt do anything. All the other doors turn fine. However, I have another door with the skin singledoor.mdl that opens fine, but it’s not physically there. I just walk right through it, open or closed. Finally, probably the biggest problem is that one side of the house is brightly lighten up (did I say that right), well all the other sides aren’t. I mean, violently bright. It can actually get irritating to look at. I have no lights next to it, the light_environment is in the center of the map above the house, and I have a crappy cube skybox around it.

So, help please?


Oh, btw I meant one of the sides of the house on the outside.

This should help solve the problem with the skybox/enviroment lighting.

oh, thank you.

the second issue you are having is because the door you are using doesn’t have a collision model, so your character doesn’t collide with it

so i just have to change the door model?

yes, to anything with _left in the filename (search for door, it should be there as door01_left.mdl). Those models have their pivot set properly so that they would rotate. They should be put in the map as a prop_door_rotating

I searched “left” then used the one you said, of course the great part about that model is your free to use any of its skins! :fuckyou: