3 special forces guys running on a rooftop towards the extraction helicopter


It took me quite some time to pose the ragdolls in a normal running position and it still doesn’t look right. Damnit.

Posing is good, lighting is a little odd though. Camera angle isn’t very exciting.

Not bad.But why’s the copter’s wheel on the edge?

It’s not. There’s quite a distance between the edge of the building and the wheel.

Maybe eye should get my eyes checked.Keyword is “eye”
hurr hurr

Nice, I like it.

I tried choosing a different angle, I really did, but I couldn’t find one that would show off all 3 guys and the helicopter and would look good.

Very, Very nice.

When I see the guy, jumping in the chopper, I get scared that he will miss it and fall. Then the other 2 guys will have to clean up the mess on the street.

MW2 I presume?

This is what i was just going to ask.

Take a wild guess.

Epic models are epic. MW2 looks so AWESOME!

Looks like the wheel is on the roof. :S

and, where did you get those models?

What models are those? Where could I get them?

Nice posing, but the DoF looks off.

Kind Of Bad Posing

posing on the SF guy on the left looks kind of awkward, but the other two look great.

I made them.

Very good…
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Rather boycott cod4mw2 than l4d2 even though i haven’t and disagree on l4d2 boycotters

I hope no one buys that piece of shit at all but there’s my opinion.

We should get back on topic anyway.