3 SWEP Requests

Well, I have 3 requests, that might be easy, but I don’t know.

1: A crowbar that throws fire. (fireballs, or just long streams of fire)
2: A Pistol that shoots the SMG Grenades at a rate of 0.25 seconds (I’ve tried 3 or so times, no luck)
3: An AR2 that fires Crossbow bolts at a rate of .01 seconds (mostly for adminging)

I’ve tried #2, and no idea how to do the others…

For the crowbar i have no clue, for the smg frenades use ents.create in the swep primary fire and give it force but i dont know hte NAME of the entity made for hte smg nades, and the crossbow is the same as the smg grenades, just needs more force and a diffrent entity name.

I’ve got no idea how to make it shoot entities, I’m still messing around with just basic bullets.

You could check out the manhack (you can find this in the sandbox gamemode), it spawns entities

the manhack gun? I’ll look at it

// Make a manhack
	local ent = ents.Create( "npc_manhack" )
		ent:SetPos( tr.HitPos + self.Owner:GetAimVector() * -16 )
		ent:SetAngles( tr.HitNormal:Angle() )

	// Weld it to the object that we hit
	local weld = constraint.Weld( tr.Entity, ent, tr.PhysicsBone, 0, 0 )
		undo.AddEntity( weld )
		undo.AddEntity( nocl )
		undo.AddEntity( ent )
		undo.SetPlayer( self.Owner )

What about if you edit that it says npc_manhack but i dont no how to set model maybe model()?

Tryin that now…