"3 Team Fortress pics"

“can you remind me why we are here again?”

huh what’s so damn funny?

“The Scout”

hm… the scout is maybe contrast rape?
i dont no…
well c+c please.

I like the first two, but you need to turn up the AA.

sorry cant turn up it more.
got the AA on highest

Third seems not as good as the rest.

hm ok

I liked the first one, spies arm seems strange in the second and the third I don’t really care for.

ok thanks

The third picture is rong.
The other 2 are quite cool though, nice job!

yeah i know…
i did not like the third one ether.
but i wanted to post it anyway.

thanks combine

I mean the third picture is pretty good but Im sick of scout, thanks to Rong.

ah ok sorry ;D