3 TEST Pictures. guy Save girl , A Car meet somthing Weird, guy looks at his house burn

Rebel rescues a girl from the burning house

A car stops for anything standing in the way

A guy sees his house destroyed

the guy who saves a girl from a burning house and the last picture are not same story


Horrible contrast rape/filter rape in all of them. The fire is also bad.

no :s

yes :s

i agree :s

indeed :s

yes :s

I think they are great :>
Maybe they are a little too bright tough…

ahh almost forgot… :s

All three are original too.

no :s



Just kidding.
They are all awesomely blurry.
Thats not what I expected from you.


Blurry, sharp, and raped in one.

Call now, and you will get another assrape ABSOLUTLY free.

I don’t want to hurt you, but if you think this is good, you will never get better.

You know that thingy called “sense” for it. You don’t have it.

Sorry :s

Lots and lots of filter rape.


contrast :s

:S Thanks guys. but i have learnd now to put my AA up. good ha :smiley:

Contrast killed it :s

not that bad apart from what was already said



Contrast Rape. :s

yeah i Know man :S