3 Tf2 poses on Cp_Egypt

Well, I’m back from egypt so I decided to pose some things on cp_Egypt

Lets just start off with them:

I was kinda trying another way of motion blur:

I kinda like the crossbow, but I don’t like the monster thing I made but I’m still posting it:

And the Pyrotechnician:

Anyway I’m pretty tired right now and eager to try the BC2 beta (finally)
C&C and stuff is appreciated.

Crossbow is awesome, AA on the Pyro picture could be upped.

That monster thing is epic- way more epic than the crossbow

How’d you make it?

Well, I have it on 16xCSAA(or something like that) standard.
So I don’t have a clue what happened there, might be the result of Super DoF in the skybox.

Gibs, loads of em.


No more comments? Did I just kill my own thread again?
Aww comment I challenge you. :saddowns:

I’ll have what the OP is smoking please.

The last shot reminds me of Killing Floor. Nicely done with the crossbow!