3 things id like to see in rust

:Flaming Arrows
:Acog Scope

Spears aren’t really needed, we have bows already, they serve essentially the same purpose, but in fact have a further range as well.

Flaming arrows I believe are coming, check the trello.

No to the Acog scope, we already have a red dot, no need for more scopes than that, this isn’t CoD…

Maybe, more interested in other features though.

Cant really see the use in flaming arrows unless there is something to put into flames… Or wait…

You could set structures on fire, do extra damage to your target, or shoot it at a tree or other surface in the dark to light your way for a short amount of time, to name a few uses.

That’s what i thought, but then you need easy acces fireproof walls to keep your stuff safe, like stone.

And extra damage on the bow, well, not really interesting unless you actually catch fire. And need to roll on the ground or find water. But the arrow should take longer to prepare then.

As for lighting, well, I think the flare is more interesting, unless trees catch fire too.

So basically you need something to put on fire before they are of use.

Being able to set wood bases on fire would be cool and could be done really well. Only thing is, you’d need to either add water or fire extinguishers to give players a chance to put out the fires and save themselves from a competitive balance stand point.

And if you hit a player with a flaming arrow, should have a DoT effect.

Cool… It’s the caveman’s dream!

Well all of our melee weapons have a downward slashing attack. I think it would be very cool to have weapons that have a jabbing attack with a longer range. Another possible solution would be to be able to swing your weapon in a different way. If I have a guy to my left and right i’m not going to swing my axe downward i’m going to swing it side to side to fend of the attackers.

also the difference between a spear and bow is that a bow requires wood, and cloth to craft the bow and wood and stone to craft the arrows and a spear would not require ammo. Also a bow requires cloth and wood and a basic spear could be crafted with only wood. A noob with a stone must find rock/metal in order to make any other melee weapons. Why not have a jabbing weapon that only requires wood.

One thing I don’t like is how, over time, all servers turn into a majority of the people in kevlar with m4/shotgun/medkits/bolt action. Not everyone wants to play rust the same way they play counterstrike. I think it would be cool to have stronger melee weapons/armor that would do extra damage to armor like kevlar. What about a spear and a shield made out of low quality metal that takes X damage to destroy or reduces bullett damage by X.

I would just love to have flaming arrows be so neat to just shoot the person in the back and they catch on fire in the forest at night seeing the forest glow.