3 Wehrmacht soldiers wiped out on their arrival in a room

(RESIZED PICTURE! So click right > show image.)




I am still extremely jealous of you blood poofs.

Muzzle flash looks kinda crappy, but otherwise awesome as usual.

Also, reminds me of:

Whoa, nice.

Everything is awesome, I can’t see any flaw.

This looks incredible, and i disagree about the muzzle flash it fits nicely

Comments, suggestions, anyone?

I think it looks pretty good!

Seems too bright overall. The impacts are really nice though.

This…is…amazing…i think that the one guy’s gun should be dropping still not just resting on the floor and the muzzle flash does look a little off but it’s overpowered by how awesome this looks

Where’d you get these models/skins? :aaaaa:

That’s pretty amazing.
can’t find anything wrong with it. really a good job.

wish i had that model :[

hey this pic looks like a 2009-2010 game :slight_smile:

He’s holding the gun awkwardly, imo.

I guess that makes the picture bad.

Fantastic blood effects and great posing on the Germans. I like the realistic muzzleflash too.

The posing on the American looks quite off though.

Bloocobalt was porting them a while back and released them to a few people as beta testers, and then never finished them. I think he’d be mad though if anyone released what was already finished.

Slowest model porting ever. I don’t understand why what’s done isn’t just released how it is - they can’t be that bad can they?

They’re fine actually.

Triple Kill!