30+ seconds freezes after update

After the 300Mb update + the 6Mb update, I get long freezes in game (sometimes even 30 seconds), I see people running in place and I cannot hit them, game lags. I have all settings very low, and previous version worked well for me.

At the moment is unplayable for me.

Yep, everyone is having these issues.

It is freezing for all the players in the 2 servers I am a admin, this was a terrible update! Devs should do something fast!

same here

the devs knew the issues with the update and they still released it!

My god mine is crashing every 30 seconds… can’t play the game!

firstly, proof or it’s just libel. secondly, even if they did know there were bugs, why would they delay the update when they can A) stress test what is causing it and B) hotfix it throughout the next week?

the way you keep spamming this into threads makes it sound like some kind of negligence. there is no duty of care here.

You may want to post your specs in the OP

this way, if it’s a bug that effects certain hardware, it can help track down whether or not it’s certain hardware that the issue is conflicting with.

How do they know that it’s not an AMD/Nvidia/windows/linux/blah exclusive issue if no one posts it after all?

The crash reports being generated include the hardware data, my guess is they would look there. Nvidia gtx 760 here and having all the issues already reported in the 5 or so threads reporting issues in the last few hours.

I’m quite sure they will have it hotfixed shortly as always.

still, always notice that every time any issues pop up, the only thing that happens is people make tons of threads

and people wonder why the rest of the forums think the rust section is retarded

Thought it was just typical post-patch whining but nope, can confirm 30+ sec freezes and the 2nd time it happened it was a crash outright.

Why dont you go talk to Bugz at rustafied.com he was doing the live stream before patch you could see all
the issues they were having why would you release it to the masses knowing these issues. just like the
memory leak that everyone is now having which came from the heli update.