30 slot DarkRP & 12 slot Sandbox!


I am owner of two servers, one is 30 slot DarkRP, and the other 12 slot Sandbox.

Map : rp_downtown_v2
Mods : Door Tool, Stacker Tool, KeyPad.
IP :
Slots : 30
Website : www.znjrp.darkbb.com
Map : gm_construct
Mods : PHX3
IP :
Slots : 12

On this server you are able to type /enterwar to fight, and if you leave the war you will get god mode but loose all your weapons exept physgun, so you can choose if you want to build or fight.

Both up 24/7!

Typically Darkrp. I would suggest getting rid of the PHX3 and Wiremod. But the Enter War thingy is sorta kewlio.

You are right. I’ll delete it ;p