300//Rust [PVP&Sleepers] 300 Slot - Anything goes!

Brand New Server, just starting up. 300 Slot!

Server Name: [US]300//Rust(PVP/Sleepers/Towns/Open War)
Server IP:

PVP Encouraged, Kill or be Killed. Large Groups encouraged, aiming for large scale battles. The goal of this server is to bring large groups of players together to engage in massive battles in the fields of rust. Only the hardest survive here, the second you spawn you become a target. Test your luck, get here early to grab the upper hand!

-Sleepers ON
-Normal Crafting
-Towns Encouraged

There is only one rule.
-House Trolling is NOT tolerated. Don’t block someone into their own house, we want to encourage a tense and active gameplay, boarding someone up in their own house so they cant get out is a dick move, and accepted as an exploit, dont do it. Everything else goes.

cant connect, im sorry. i dont know if this has something to do with the recent DDOS attacks.

I think it is, I was having issues trying to get on earlier today. Once everything settles I have some interesting plans with this server.

Server is live and running! :rock:


Made a quick graphic! :dance:

Server has been good for the last few hours, everything running steady, had a few players join and start up some communities, looks like things are growing slowly, but surely. Cheers! :smiley:

I’m assuming the DDoS is affecting this as well.

Can’t log in.

Yea, it looks like its down, I’ll be monitoring it and update this post when it goes live again, thank you!

Alrighty guys, server is up and running, everything has been updated, no wipes or anything so your stuff is still there, looks like we’re in the clear for now! Everything is as smooth as butter! Happy Rusting!

New people are starting to set up their settlements! Things are getting really excited, I can also say that the recent patch seemed to fix all of the lag and connection issues we we’re having, everything is running great! We have a few guys online right now, everyone is having a blast. Come join the fun! It’s been running for a few hours straight now! Hope it stays strong through the night! Cheers! :dance:

Server seems to be down for me

Yea, not sure what the issue is, I had it up for a minute, now it’s down again. Maybe the DDOS is still effecting everything. Sorry guys, Ill get it up and running as soon as I can!